Sarah (switchfan) wrote,

A Good Haul

We went to Mkay this afternoon.  Rainey donated MANY movies to the "yellow credit" cause, and I donated some cd's I found in our apartment's trash bin (they were "like new").  But anyway, the point of this post is to gush over the great finds I .... well..... found.

First off, we have this WONDERFUL book, that I LOVED as a child (and still do - truth be told):

This adorable piece of literature is about a postman who goes around delivering letters to various fairy tale characters.  The best part is that, for each character, you actually get a little copy of the letter to pull out of the envelope and read!  So, when I found it on the shelf for $.95 (yes, exactly - I would have paid $5.00 for it) I thought "Wow.... there's no way all the letters are actually in this for ninety-five cents."  And they were!!!! And I got it for ninety-five cents!!!  HOORAY!  Someday, my kids will love this book.  In the meantime, it will keep.

I also found this for FIVE cents,

this one for TEN cents,

these for FIFTEEN cents (each)

(note - I have read the first one, and I thought it was very entertaining as a small child.  I have not read the 2nd one, but it's by Dick King-Smith, so I'm sure it's brilliant.  For the uneducated, he's the man who wrote "Babe")

this for TWENTY cents (I also got the first one, but it was $1),

and these for TWENTY-FIVE cents.

Hint - check the "bargain books" youth section.  It's right by the audio books when you go 'round the corner to enter the kid's section.  There are a lot of worthless books to wade through, but I think it's worth it.  I'm going to check this section every time now.

Some other notable mentions include

(this one was in the free pile)

Ok, I'm done.  I got a lot of other books too, but these are the most exciting. My children's book collection just got better by leaps and bounds.
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