Sarah (switchfan) wrote,

a day in the life....

Up before 7 - check
Tea made - check
Bible read - check
child nursed - check
child snuggled - check
child diapered and dressed - check
child fed - check
child cleaned - check
self fed - check (for now....)
child's room cleaned - che... (ok, only got 1/2way done with that one)
child's sheet changed - check
child's clothes unpacked - check
child's clothes PUT AWAY - CHECK!!! (what is it about putting them away? they get folded nice and neat... and then sit in the basket for another 3 days.... geez... but NOT THIS TIME!)
kitchen cleaned - later
check email - check
child taken on a walk - check
help child throw rocks in the creek - check
creek delivered from rotting possum carcass - check (don't worry, I just sent it on downstream for someone ELSE to deal with)
suddenly helpless and whining child carried back to the house - check
books read (with appropriate sound effects) to child - check
milk warmed and given to child - check
child rocked - check
child put into bed - check

All accomplished before 10 am - check

staff meeting - check
living room straightened - check
check email - check
distract self with book and read for 40 minutes - check (wait... should this even be on here?)
child wakes up - check

All accomplished before noon - check (*note to self* see what a difference a book makes? SELF CONTROL!)

child snuggled - check
child told he could NOT go outside because it was raining - check
discovered that you had left the lid off of the sandbox you were trying to dry out - check
change child's diaper - check
feed child - check
feed self - check
read proverbs to child - check
try to hush child who always tries to talk loudest when his mom is reading from the Bible - check
child cleaned - check
child re-diapered - check
child told he could NOT go outside because it was STILL raining - check
trash taken out to dumpster with child on hip - check
calm down crying child who insists he be allowed back outside in the rain - check
read books to child - check
tickle child - check
give child horsey ride - check
convince child to play by himself for a while - che.... (this worked on and off)
check email - check
try to shoot video of child pretending to eat out of the dog bowl in his book - fail (boo.)
make grocery list - check
go to grocery store - later
turn on Milo and Otis - check
read World magazine - ch.....
turn off Milo and Otis 30 minutes later - check
convince complaining child that he would rather have milk and snuggle (and then bed) than watch Milo and Otis - check
put child to bed - check

All accomplished before 3:30pm - check

start working for boss - check
read World magazine while computer processes things - check
check email 10 times - check
child wakes up - check

All accomplished before 5 pm - check

snuggle child to get him to stop crying/complaining - nope
tickle child to get him to stop crying/complaining - he laughed, but when back to moaning afterwards
threaten child with punishment to get him to stop crying/complaining - not a chance, mom
take moaning child into the bedroom to wake up night shift husband - check
decide that if child is going to moan anyway, he might as well be doing it during a diaper change - check
enlist sleepy hubby to hold screaming child down - check
try to get child to stop screaming bloody murder - this one took a while, but finally happened
snuggle and sing to child in rocking chair for 5 minutes while they calm down - check (FINALLY.... this ended a 30 minute bad mood spree)
give child juice, raisins and cheezits - check
warm up supper - check
cook noodles - check
convince child to eat peas instead of chocolate - check (mix them with mashed potatoes)
family worship - check
nanner puddin' - check
clean child - check
leave child crying in father's arms to go the grocery store - check
run outside in the rain - check
forget coupons and have to go back in the house - check
leave crying child again - check
grocery shopping - check
successfully avoid drowning in the small river running across the parking lot - check
unload/put away groceries - check
warm milk and give to child - check
put child in bed with said milk - check
finish book - check
clean kitchen - later
get on facebook and look up last week's storm damage/tornado information instead of cleaning kitchen - check
write this blog post instead of going to bed on time - check

All accomplished by 11:27 pm

To Do: go to bed.
Tags: randomness

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