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I managed to sell my old Nikon d50 on ebay a few weeks ago, and now that the window for returning it has lapsed, I can spend the extra money I earned (over the cost of my new Nikon d90). Well, I probably shouldn't say "spend", since it's already spent.  I got 2 backup batteries, and a new 8 GB SD card (which means VERY long movies now.... only, probably not, because William isn't usually that interesting for more than a minute or two at a time).

ANYWAY, I was going to also buy this:

Which makes indoor pictures MUCH better. I have actually purchased 2 already, but they were both gifts...  But, then I got distracted by this book:

We got this at our local used bookstore (for a song, I'm sure, since I get ALL children's board books there for a song - or, multiple songs, if you prefer), and it's currently one of william's favorite books.  It's very large (about 12 inches in height), and the pictures are beautiful.  I assume, since I don't know a whole lot about Africa, that all of the accompanying birds and fauna are real subspecies that a giraffe would encounter.  In any case, it's ridiculously beautiful AND educational at the same time.

I've been meaning to look it up on Amazon to see if there were any others (since the back of the book said there were many books in the series), and lo and behold....:

There are actually at least 5 more that I didn't post, mainly because I didn't buy those.  So, instead of a light scoop, over the next few days we will be the proud new owners of ALL of these books!!!

Thank you Amazon for a) free prime 2day-shipping, b) having enough of these books on a "buy 4 get the cheapest one free" special, and c) selling me the little rabbit book for $.01 AND giving me free shipping on it!  I thought about waiting until I could get back to the used book store, but that would have required WAITING. And having to comb through the entire children's section in search of specific books (which I hate to do, because I'm always trying to keep William from wandering off to flirt with strangers (who are probably all fine upstanding citizens... but it's my job to be paranoid (within reason))).  I much prefer to just grab a handful of books off the shelf, flip through them real quick, replace them, and grab another. I'm really looking forward to when William likes books enough to sit down and look at them IN PUBLIC instead of wanting to run around EVERYWHERE. Of course, by that point, I will probably have another one who is doing the running around. Maybe I just should give up and get a leash....

In any case, I got all of those books for $27.59, which isn't an AMAZING deal, but it's a GOOD deal, considering they are all in very good condition.

Moving on....

Recently I've also snagged a year long membership to the zoo for $27 (thank you, groupon), and so we've been twice already.  Surprisingly, William seems to enjoy the owl and the snakes the most.  Which is funny to me, because neither of those animals move when we're looking at them. And he's been randomly saying "Camel!" for the past three days. (Also, someone else bought the deal with the link I sent them, which enabled me to turn around and purchase a $50 photobook credit for $5 - sweet :D)

And, I also managed to snag my Dad's future birthday present for FREE because of credits on ANOTHER daily deal site (he reads my blog, so you don't get any more details than that)

In case you care, William just turned 18 months.  He's running, walking down stairs (but only holding on to someone's hand - however, that's just in case his own balance fails), "helping" me in the kitchen (for about 1 minute, until the mess gets too big and I send him off to do something else, usually with a food bribe), being obsessed with his cars (thank you Joshua J), asking to watch the "tee!" (TV), oh! and TALKING!!!  We're a long way away from complete sentences (or even complete/correct pronunciation on everything), but he can come up with more than 60 words on his own (with no prompting), and he knows a lot more than that.  It's so much fun :D  I love being a mom :D  And, he likes to "snuggle with the baby" by pulling my shirt up and laying his head on my belly.  It's pretty darn cute. And mostly not too uncomfortable.

Alright, I'm done bragging.  And I can't think of anything else to regale you with, so it's off to eat some cereal and get more stuff done.
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