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Cynical Optimism

expecting the worst and being optimistic about it

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housewarming gift notes

If you have been invited to our "little" party, and you are determined to bring something gifty, please see below.

Just so you know, we really JUST want you to come. If you really feel like bringing yourself AND a gift, we will be pleasantly surprised ;)

-Fiestaware: anything on this pinterest page. Most of these can probably be found on Amazon.

-a Toaster. We're not picky, and it doesn't have to be fancy. SOMEONE, who will remain unnamed, left our old one on all night, and, well, you can ask them about the rest of the story. (hint, it wasn't Sarah)

-a Laminator. (this one is a great price right now)

-a Breadmaker (used is fine - again, we aren't picky)

-a Kitchenaid (if you happen to have one sitting around that you don't use..... (I know, yeah right!))

-ROCKS for Sarah's future garden path. Anything with a flat side that is larger than about 5 inches diameter will be greeted with joy. Sandstoney colored preferred, but not necessary. Large (can be lifted by 1-3 people) but not Giant ones are perfect.

-Anything craft-ish, yard-ish, or building materials-ish that can be added to our stash. ribbons, construction paper, popsicle sticks, yarn, leftover (spray) paint, painting materials, rakes, weedwackers, wood, nails, screws, glue, stain, etc... etc... If you show up with a large bag of your "junk", we will happily accept it. Anything we aren't interested in will be passed on or donated.