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Cynical Optimism

expecting the worst and being optimistic about it

2 February
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What do you say about yourself in a mini-biography? I don't like distilling myself to words on a page..... but I guess I should give it a shot anyway. God - the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit - is my Lord, and thankfully in charge of my life ('cause if *I* was in charge of my life, I'd mess it up pretty quick). I to sing, play, and listen to music all the time. I also like to read, and bask in the warm sunshine (though not really at the same time, because the sun makes the pages bright and me sleepy). My friends have said I am funny in the past, and they still laugh when I tell jokes, so I think it's still in effect. I like to think I'm a good listener, but I haven't actually asked anyone yet. I love to make things with my hands. I currently crochet and make bead jewelry, and I want to learn to make pottery, blow glass, and take awesome photographs.

good music: switchfoot, coldplay, keane, guster, dispatch, beethoven, josh groban, john mayer, jason mraz, ben folds (minus the cursing), jump little children, chris rice, bach, john rutter.

favorite color: purple, and varying shades of blue. Also bright yellow and orange.

favorite thing to do: